ABC's of Fraud

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Rotary ABCs of Fraud Presented by the Rotary Club of Halifax What seniors don't know about fraud could hurt them! Older adults lose millions of dollars every year to consumer frauds and scams such as illegal telemarketing; bogus charities; identity theft and more. This innovative and informative program helps seniors become "tough targets" by "getting the facts on fraud"! Based on the original program developed by the Volunteer Center of Toronto, the Rotary Club of Halifax now delivers this innovative consumer fraud education and prevention program called Scotiabank Fraud Awareness Program: ABCs of Fraud. Twenty-5 senior volunteers were recruited and trained to deliver a one-hour presentation to senior groups, providing information and tips on identifying and preventing consumer fraud victimization. These Nova Scotia volunteers now present the Scotiabank Fraud Awareness program to seniors across our Province. The demand for information on consumer fraud is extremely high. According to local police services, since presentations began, reports of attempted and unsuccessful scams have increased. They attribute part of that success to the ABCs of Fraud education program. Seniors have shared similar life experiences and values. As a result, audiences are more willing to discuss their experiences, leading to a truly interactive presentation. Speakers use a variety of teaching methods to present information on fraud beginning with role-plays that show the audience how easy it is to be caught by scammers and fraudsters. The presenters also include knowledge assessment quizzes, lectures and handout materials. By utilizing and expanding on the audience's knowledge of consumer fraud, presenters provide an open forum for discussion. ABCs of Fraud provides information not readily available to seniors in the community. Peer teaching, long considered one of the most effective teaching tools for all age groups, provides the interactive experience adults need to learn new and valuable information. By providing a proactive response to consumer fraud, ABCs of Fraud speakers help to reduce the financial, emotional and physical decline, which often accompany the defrauding of a senior. To book a presentation for your group today, contact: Bill VanGorder, Coordinator 902 454 2267 Or email: