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                      Theme for Rotary year -  “LIGHT UP ROTARY”
The next meeting of the Rotary Club of Halifax will be at Yuk Yuk’s in the Westin Hotel, Thursday, April 23, 2015 at 7:30 am. The speaker will be  Kalina McCaul – Rotary Peace Fellowship
Report on meeting of April 16, 2015 submitted by Terry Pond.
Attendance:  Roy Hayward, Jim Axell, Herman Ssebazza, Jong Kim, Ted Mejzner, Bob Power (Chair), Roger Stein, David Organ, Oscar Wong, Terry Pond.
Venue:  Yuk Yuk’s, Westin Hotel
Chair:   Past President Bob Power
Sergeant at Arms:   Roy Hayward
Desk:   Herman Ssebazza
Minute of Silence:  Chair Bob Power called for a
                                Minute of Silence for Eulah Martin
Grace:               Roger Stein
Health of the Club:  Bob Power reported that Harry Churchill stated that he will be resigning from club.
Jim Axell reported Muriel had a dizzy spell and fell.  She was back in hospital where thay are considering an operation but it is pending her getting better.
Brian Burnell stated that Madge is on the list for hip surgery.
Bob Power also reported Fred Brooks is in good health but hard of hearing.  He mentioned that Bridge Pachai wants to be on Club Runner.  Terry Pond to follow up.
Terry Pond reported that Frankie is well on the mend.  She drove first time this week which helps he mood and independents.
Happy Moments:   Jim Axell – Marlon and Katrina knocked on his door with a plate of cookies.  Katrina, who is 8 months pregnant, is due on 29 April.  Then Bob and Diane knocked on the door with a pot of stew.  Jim said he was very happy.
Bob Power mentioned that he had painters coming in to paint rooms in house, he is replacing 12 windows, installing a new motor on furnace and mentioned his grandson will be four.
Brian Burnell was happy that he and Madge have returned to Halifax.
Weekly Draw:  $410.  Again, Oscar Wong drew a card (6 of spades) Ahhh!  $420 next week.
Club Announcements:  
Community Service.  Jim Axell had three items to report:
1)    Envelopes available for donations in name of Eulah Martin to Foundation.
2)    District Grant application was completed and submitted by 15 April  on Club Runner with the help of Judy Guernsey.  He noted that only those Rotarian who had attended the training could submit applications and both Judy G. and David O.
3)    Next Week Board Meeting.
Club Program.  Brian Burnell noted that the Program is complete out to July.  He wants to confirm if we will continue the “5th Thursday Social” in new rotary year? And go for speakers in August.  Discussion on the District Convention attending by club members then out to the “5th Thursday Social”.
Open Meeting.
Urban Tree Project (UTP).   The committee [Jam A. Roger S. David O and Judy G.]  The Chair showed the UTP Brochure developed by David Organ [2500 copies for $300].  Questions were asked about taxable receipts; yes for purchases of $20 or more.  Suggested we promote to individuals and companies.  Corporate promotion includes awards of  GOLD for $4,000, SILVER for $3,000 & BRONZE for $2,000.  There is a need to develop a Public Relations package.  The committee want to see promoting this around the community and it was suggested we have a table at Value Village during the Clothing Drive to get the word out, possibly sell a few trees and gather donations.  It was suggested that we consider promoting UTP at local markets (Sea View). 
The UTP Promotion Plan include:
1)    Members – Selling to Family, Relatives & Friends;
2)    Corporate – Sell to Companies and Business
2) Incorporate Special Days to buy trees vice other presents ie.  Birthdays, etc;
3) At other Rotary Clubs and at District Convention [take stack of brochures with]
by individual personal contact.
The discussion included the need for an e-mail message and a letter to target companies and business.  [Terry to send new Letterhead to David].  Oscar said this has to be added to the website and Public Service Announcement (PSA) to have buyers contacting us.  David said he would collect all cards coming in.
UTP Planting.   Mr Charles from HRM recommends Sea View Park again this year. He also recommended two types of planting tools - 1) special digger (2’’ x 4 ‘’ inch deep) and/or city digger and possibly he can have a crew dig a series of rows for planting.  Seedling pick up must be completed and Bob P. offered his truck.  Planting help club members and Peter Drunker volunteered his students, Rotaract members and others.
Dates:  Weekends May 23 & 24 and 30 & 31.
Project Insurance.  Reporting activity to our Rotary Insurance carrier.  Jim Axell to do.
UTP Brochure.  The UTP Brochure design issues discussed during the meeting were noted by David Organ who stated he would update the design to include website, tax receipt, and use of Pay Pal or Money Trans.  Put best tech foot forward, allow people to club specifics.
Donations to Hospice Halifax.   Brief discussion on donating say $6,000 to Hospice Halifax – can they be recognized by the UTP?
Next Week’s.    Kalina McCaul – Rotary Peace Fellowship
Adjournment:   O Canada was led by Jim Axell
Theme for Rotary year -  “LIGHT UP ROTARY”
The next meeting of the Rotary Club of Halifax will be at Yuk Yuk’s in the Westin Hotel, Thursday, April 16, 2015 at 7:30 am.
Report on meeting of April 09, 2015 submitted by Terry Pond.
Attendance:  Jong Kim, Herman Ssebazza, Roy Hayward, Jim Axell, Judy Guernsey, Vince Ihasz, Heather MacDonald, Doug McMillan  (President Elect), Ted Mejzner, Terry Pond, Bob Power (Chair), Roger Stein, Oscar Wong.
Venue:  Yuk Yuk’s, Westin Hotel
Chair:   Past President Jim Axell
Sergeant at Arms:   Roy Hayward
Desk:   Herman Ssebazza
Grace: Heather MacDonald
Health of the Club:  
Eulah Martin – It saddens me inform you that Past President Bob Power reported that Eulah Martin, wife of Rotarian Roy Martin  has died in hospital on 10 April.  It was reported at the Thursday meeting on 9 April that she was in hospital due to a fall that may have broken her rib and in a coma.  Our condolences go out to Roy and his family for their loss.  Further details will be sent separately.
Harry Churchill -   Harry is well and plans to return to club meetings when the snow and ice are gone.  Stay well Harry.
Frankie Pond – She is recovering very well from her ankle surgery on three weeks ago (23 March).  The stables in her heel have been removed and she walks much better now.  Only half of the 22 staples on side of her ankle have been removed.  She continues to recover and walks without support since Friday 10 April.
Muriel Axell – Jim reported that Muriel is not do well.  Her bout of flue/virus has  left her with heart problem . She has about 25% function at present so it is slow going.  Jim mentioned that her has obtained a transport chair for aid her mobility.
Happy Moments:   Roy Hayward, Jim Axell, Bob Power, Herman Ssebazza. Herman showed pictures of the Kaaso School and a booklet  about the various projects in the community of which the Rotary Club of Halifax features in many.   Several pictures will be placed at end of Newsletter.
Weekly Draw:  $400.  Oscar Wong drew 10 of diamond s. Ahhh!  $410 next week.
Club Announcements:   The Chair reminded members that today was an open meeting and called for discussion points.
Community Service.  Jim Axell asks for a quick meeting with Judy after the club meeting to discuss District Grant application.  He noted that the deadline is 15 April so time is pressing.
Guest Speaker.
Judy Guernsey introduced our Guest Speaker, Dr. Jocelyn Downie
Dr. Jocelyn Downie is a Professor of Law and an Associate Dean Graduate Studies at Dalhousie University.  She is a member of the Dalhousie Law & Medicine Facilities as a Professor of Law teaching health care ethics and law in the Schulich School of Law; and Health Law in the Medical School.  She is known for her work in the recent “Supreme Court of Canada Decision - Assisted Death” which was her topic this morning.
Dr. Downie’s briefing was an impassioned well articulated and knowledgeable insight into the legal process for changing the Charter of Rights.  She informed and explained who, when and what happened over many years that concluded in a unanimous Supreme Court of Canada Decision to approve the change to the “Charter of Rights” with respect to “Assisted Death”.
She started with the “Carter Case” – Death with Dignity Case of Kay Carter, an 89 year old woman, suffered from spinal stenosis was forced to leave the country to end her life because that option was not permitted in Canada.  This case “Lee Carter et al. v. Attorney General of Canada, et al. was before the BC Courts in 2011.  Gloria Taylor suffering from ALS joined the case sfter Kay Carter had died because it affects every single Canadian‘s life who is or will become terminally ill. After three years the case was sent to the Supreme Court of Canada for a ruling Dr. Downie then mentioned that the argument was one of “assisted suicide and ending one’s life with voluntary euthanasia; which was illegal in the eyes of Canada’s laws.  It did however raise questions in the 1982 Charter of Rights under Section 7 – Right to life, liberty and Security; and under Section 11 – Discrimination.  What was needed was a balancing of the two and a definition to satisfy both.   The focus was to permit Canadian adults in grievous, unending pain to have the right to end their life with a doctor’s help. 
The unanimous ruling of the Supreme Court of Canada by establishing that “sanctity of life” also includes the “passage of life,” extended constitutional rights into a new realm looking at the objective for the laws’ intent–protect the vulnerable individuals in moments of weakness.  It Court looked at other countries and saw it could be done.  Therefore, the Court’s ruling on 7 February 2015, was that “Canadian adults in grievous, unending pain have a right to end their life with a doctor’s help.”
Dr. Downie went on to brief on the way ahead.  The Court suspended the ruling for 12 months to permit provincial jurisdictions and the Canadian medical community time to prepare their own regulations and guidelines.  Please note under this new ruling, a doctor is not compelled to act.  She noted that 1) criteria to access, 2) professional policy and standards, 3) technical guidelines and 4) human resources were still needed to be put into place in each province.  She also noted that this degree of permissiveness does not exist anywhere else in the world and will be applied as a private process between the patient and the doctor.  Remember, this all started with the milestone of the Carter Case in 2011.
A lengthy question and answer period followed and a website was given  to read more on the topic.  The subject of “living Will” was raised and this website was recommended   as a good source.
Jim Axell presented the Speaker’s gift to Professor Downie for a job well done.
Next Week’s.    Open Meeting
Adjournment:   O Canada was led by Terry Pond
                                    Theme for Rotary year -  “LIGHT UP ROTARY”
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The next meeting of the Rotary Club of Halifax will be at Yuk Yuk’s in the Westin Hotel, Thursday, April 09, 2015 at 7:30 am.The Speaker will be Jocelyn Downie speaking on a recent Supreme Court of Canada decision.
Report on meeting of April 02, 2015 submitted by Terry Pond.
Attendance:  Jim Axell, Judy Guernesy, Vince Ihasz, Jong Kim, Heather MacDonald, Doug McMillan  (President Elect), Ted Mejzner, David Organ, Terry Pond, Bob Power (Chair), Roger Stein, Robert Read.
Venue:  Yuk Yuk’s, Westin Hotel
Chair:   Past President Bob Power
Acting Sergeant at Arms:   Jim Axell
Desk:   Heather MacDonald standing in for Herman Ssebazza
Grace:               Roger Stein
Health of the Club:  
Roy Martin – Doug McMillan reported that both Roy and Eulah were under the weather.  He also recommended that each Rotarian talk to their doctor about the “Shingles Vaccine”.
Muriel Axell – Has returned home doing much better. 
Frankie Pond – Has had ankle surgery on 23 March and is scheduled for stables to be removed on April 7th.  She is recovering very well.
Club Announcements:
Club’s Strategic Plan.   Bob Power started the open meeting with a review of the Strategic Plan by reading the new line up for the 2015 – 2016 Club Board as follows:
            President                                 Bob Power
            Past President                         Paul Frank
            President Elect                        Doug McMillan
            Treasurer                                 Jong Kim
            Secretary                                 Heather MacDonald
            Club Services                          Herman Ssebazza
Community Services               PENDING
International Services             Judy Read Guernsey
Vocational Services                Robert Read
New Generation                      Heather MacDonald
Hospice Representative          Heather MacDonald  (PENDING CHANGE?)
President Elect Statement.   Doug McMillan stated he wanted to introduce a new position “VICE PRESIDENT” who may become the President Elect.  He asks each committee to have a Vice Chair.    He suggests the 5th Thursday of April to attend the Rotary Convention Reception then go to dinner. 
Value Village Clothing Drive  Heather MacDonald reported that the Value Village drive earned $440.00 (approximately). There is a second date coming up on 25th April.  Doug asked if an e-mail announcement will be prepared?  Yes, the e-mail for the next Clothing Drive will be sent out as well as a one page poster that can be put up on Condo Notice Boards.
Membership  Bob Power confirmed that Brian Burnell was still functioning as Membership Chair but looking for a replacement.  This is a pending issue and President Paul Frank is helping as he can.  The idea to have member join “Chamber of Commerce” should start with the President of C of C speak to Club.  It was noted that Tony Trimper is a member of C of C.  David Organ mentioned that he could also join the Chamber.  President Elect Doug McMillan suggested that conducting a phone call interview would help coordinate member participation.
Public Relations & Communications.  It was noted that Alleyne Newcomb will stay on as Newsletter Editor for this year.  There was a discussion of the split between internal communications – Newsletter and E-mails; and external communications – Public Relations.  David Organ volunteered to help with the External Communications (PR) portion as he has experience in this world.  Terry Pond volunteered to take on the Newsletter.  It therefore falls on each Director and Board Executive to communicate via e-mail to all members either directly or through the Secretary.
Fundraising.   Bob Power reported that Vacation Draw 2014 was successful.  He went on to say that we have discussed other options to replace our annual major fundraiser but only when the new event is identified.  Shredding Project.  The next shredding event is subject to snow melt hopefully in May or June (fingers crossed).   Blue Bag Collection.  Cash for Recycle dollars
Value Village Clothing Drive.   The next Clothing Drive is scheduled for 25th April.
Hospice Wine Sales.   Heather MacDonald noted that next sales for Hospice is pending Fall 2015.  Jul 2013 total earnings = $15,000; 2014 = $2,000; and 2015 = pending next launch.  Wine Night at TAG not a valid option.
Fundraising Idea It was suggested that we consider “tagging” a lake in HRM with a unique item and take bets on when the lake will thaw and object will sink through ice.  It can be down to minute but needs technical support to validate the date time it goes through to water.  Works well in other location.
This brings the discussion to the need for a Fundraising Committee.  
[NOTE.  In the past we have had a Financial Development Committee}
Community Service.  Jim Axell reported:
a.       Urban Forest.  The project continues this year.
b.      Central Spryfield School.   Our Board has approved this project for up to $3,000.  We continue to work with Mary LeBlanc, Resource Teacher.  We have to apply for a District Grant with a deadline of 15 April 2015.
General Topics Discussion:
a.       Doug McMillan mentioned the need to notify our Insurance Company of the specific activity being completed.
b.      Urban Forest. Note that David Organ & Roger Stein are getting the Sales Sheets ready and David Organ & Judy Guernsey are preparing the Brochures. David mentioned that he had the brochure prepared.
c.       Dates for planting are 2 weekends in May 2015.
d.      Peter Duinker, (Spoke to Club 12 March) helping to identify best planting location.
e.       Hospice Project.  David Organ asked for a blurb on the Hospice.  Heather will provide.
f.       Interact Club.  This initiative is pending.
g.      Spryfield Senior’s Project.  This project put on hold.
h.      Hospice Halifax.  Update by Heather MacDonald.  Matching funds up to $50,000 has been announced by QEII Health Science.  There is a need to obtain a commitment from Rotary Clubs.
International Service. 
a.      UGANDA PROJECT.  Judy Guernsey stated that the Uganda Club has submitted their portion and our part has been submitted to District. There is a September start day.
b.      Funding Surplus.  Judy suggested that the money left over be used for either Rotary’s Polio Plus or for an International Grant.  There was a discussion on various possible project types.  Judy asked that any ideas be sent to her via e-mail.  It was mentioned that “Engineers Without Borders” be considered as we have funded them in the past.
Vocational Service.  Robert Read reported on the “Adventures in Citizenship” program.  A deserving student had been selected from Citadel High School.  Name pending.
Happy Moments: Terry Pond
Weekly Draw:  $390.  A diamond card was drawn  with “too bad and $400 next week comments”.
Next Week’s Guest Speaker.    Jocelyn Downie will speak on a recent Supreme Court of Canada decision.
Adjournment:   O Canada was led by Terry Pond


The next meeting of the Halifax Rotary Club will be Thursday April 2 nd at 7:30 am in the Westin Hotel at Yuk Yuk's. It will be an Open Meeting when the “Strategic Plan” will be reviewed and up-dated. Please note that the plan was circulated by e-mail 2 days prior to last week’s cancelled meeting, and is also attached at the end of this Newsletter. Please print and bring a copy to our meeting.

Editors Note: Great news, Muriel Axell was released from the hospital last Friday and in now resting at home with her Family.

Report on the meeting of 26th March 2015, submitted by Jim Axell:


Venue:                        The Westin Nova Scotian Hotel

Chair:                         President Paul Frank

Desk:                          Heather MacDonald and Jong Kim

Members:                   11

Visitors:                      3

Meeting was convened by the chair at 07.30. He reminded members that this year’s theme is: 

                                                           “Light up Rotary”

Grace:            Vince Ihasz

Health of the Club:

Jim Axell reported that Muriel was still in hospital

President Paul noted that Terry Pond’s wife, Frankie, had her ankle operation on Monday and so Terry was on house duties for this week.

Heather MacDonald noted that she had been in touch with Marlon and the baby is due at the end of April.


Visiting Rotarian, Don Sword, from St. John’s, who is visiting his mother in Halifax, told the club about a planned RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) Conference planned for 20 to 23, August, 2015 in St. John’s. It is for any young person 18 – 30 years old. The focus will be on Leadership Training and 3 excellent key speakers have been arranged plus there will be workshops as well. Early registration is $350 and after May 15 it will be $400.

Don asked members to do 2 things. First, look at website, and secondly, spread the word about the conference and, if possible, sponsor young folk to attend by paying airfare and registration.

Weekly Draw:

The holder of the winning ticket this week was Judy Guernsey but she found the 3 of clubs in the pack of cards and so the Queen is worth $390 next week.

Happy Moments:

The following expressed a Happy Moment(s) this week. Paul Frank; Judy Guernsey; Roger Stein; Ted Mejzner; Bob Reid; Oscar Wong.

Guest Speaker:

Judy Guernsey introduced our guest speaker, Councillor Jennifer Watts, who is the representative for District 8, Peninsula North.

Jennifer Watts said that her talk would be about HRM’s Solar City Project.

It is the 1st Solar City in Canada and the project concept consists of the following components:

$8.5 million for homeowners to install solar panels.

Each house will have 1 or 2 panels.

Cost is approximately $850 per year over a 10 year period at 4.5%.

It is user pay and so it is cash flow neutral to HRM.

Some 500 – 1000 homes will be included.

The project started in 2010 and it is intended for residential homes and is a turnkey building and financing project. It is easy for homeowners to participate in the project.

There is an administrative fee of $391+HST and the average cost to a homeowner is $8,032. A number of grants are available to homeowners from groups such as Efficiency Nova Scotia.

 A Feasibility Report found that the project was very acceptable to the public. The computer system crashed with an overload of calls when the project was announced. Some of the key findings were:

            It captured the imagination of residents

            380 homes signed up to take part in the project

The panels displaced 50,000 litres of oil and 750,000 kwhr of electricity. Greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by 700 tonnes.

The Impact of the project was noted as follows:

Residents saved money, average $30 per year for oil or $60 per year electricity and they also reduced the environmental impact of their home.

43 jobs were created for local businesses consisting of manufacturing, installation,project management plus there was water conservation.

Jennifer went onto note that there is a Solar Energy Map available at

She continued by saying that there is an internet based solar monitoring system available to homeowners. The system allows for real-time and historical performance data of their systems.

In the future Jennifer indicated that there will likely be a review of the solar program and a potential roll-out of Solar City 2, which may add small commercial properties to the project.

HRM had to get the Province to pass legislation for the project to proceed and this has benefited all municipalities in Nova Scotia as a number are implementing their own projects. These include:

            Berwick with Heat Pumps.

            Richmond County for Insulation.

            Lunenburg for thermostats.

 In conclusion Jennifer indicated that the project has won national awards that include:

            Federation of Canadian Municipalities “Sustainable Communities Award, 2015”  

            Canadian Solar Industries 2013 “Game Changer Award”

 Jennifer answered questions following her presentation.

President Paul thanked Jennifer for an excellent and entertaining talk and presented her with a Rotary mug.

O Canada:

Jim Axell led the singing of O Canada to close the meeting.

Next Week:

It will be an Open Meeting next week when the “Strategic Plan” will be reviewed and up-dated. Please note that the plan was circulated by e-mail 2
Happy St. Patrick's Day
                          ROTARY CLUB OF HALIFAX
Then next meeting of the Rotary Club of Halifax will be held on Thursday March 19th at 7:30 am, in Yuk's Yuks at the Westin Hotel. This will be an Open Meeting so bring your ideas!
Report on the meeting of 12th March 2015, submitted by Jim Axell:
Venue:                    The Westin Nova Scotian Hotel
Chair:                     President Paul Frank
Desk:                       Heather MacDonald and Jong Kim
Members:                               11
Visitors:                 1
Meeting was convened by the chair at 07.30. He reminded members that this year’s theme is                                                           “Light up Rotary”
Grace:     David Organ
Health of the Club:
Jim Axell noted that Muriel had been moved to the Cardiac Care Unit and was scheduled to undergo a die test of the heart this morning.
Paul Frank said that Valerie White had received notice that her mother was seriously ill and so she needed to leave for Kentville immediately and was unable to stay for the meeting.
Terry Pond indicated that he had spoken by phone with Peter Yurkiw and he was in good spirits.
Judy Guernsey reported that Brian Burnell had a cold.
Judy Guernsey said that the International Service committee would meet for a short time following the end of the regular meeting.
 Jim Axell advised that the Tree Planting committee would meet for a short time following the International Service committee meeting.
Weekly Draw:
The person holding the winning ticket this week was David Organ but he drew the 8 of Diamonds and so the Queen is worth $380 next week.
Happy Moments:
The following folk expressed a Happy Moment this week. Judy Guernsey; Terry Pond; Heather MacDonald.
Guest Speaker:
Judy Guernsey introduced Peter Duinker as our guest speaker. Peter took his undergraduate degree at Guelph, his Masters at Dalhousie and PhD at UNB. He is now Director of Environmental Studies at Dalhousie University.
Peter Duinker gave a comprehensive overview of “The Urban Forest Master Plan for HRM” using overhead projection from his computer.
It started in 2006 with measurement followed in 2007 to 2010 taking inventory and then public engagement. In 2012 there were revisions to the draft plan followed with more public engagement. The plan was finalised followed by implementation and budget allocation.
Peter went on to note that trees are very important to HRM as they offer shade, storm water control, air purification and carbon storage.
In order to implement the plan it was decided to focus on the areas of the City served by water and sewers. The area was split into 10 sections and then down to 111 neighbourhoods. Each neighbourhood has a 2 page description in the plan.
Five areas of HRM were selected for detailed study and the first study was carried out in the North End of the City. The area has currently some 27% canopy cover. The goal is to increase this to 70%.
Three themes were developed in the plan for implementation.
Theme 1. -The Public Realm.
                                Proactive pruning.
                                Work cooperatively with NSPI.
Theme 2. - Private Realm.
                                Education  Programs.
                                Non -profit urban forest trust.
                                Partnership   with NGO’s.
Theme 3. - Regulations and By-laws.
The plan has 16 Operational Principles and 32 Categories of Actions that need to be taken.
In conclusion Peter noted that the plan was endorsed by HRM Council in 2012 with implementation started in 2013. The implementation was continued in 2014.
Peter’s final comment was that the Mayor held public meetings recently and out of these meetings decided that there should be fruit orchards established in the city and the 1st fruit orchard was established in 2014.
Peter Duinker answered questions and was thanked by Jim Axell for his presentation and given a Rotary mug.
Terry Pond led in the singing of O Canada to close the meeting.
Next Week:
Next week will be an Open Meeting.
The next meeting of the Rotary Club of Halifax will be Thursday Mar. 12th, @ 7:15 am.  It will be held at Yuk Yuks in the Westin Hotel. The speaker will be Peter Duinker - HRM Urban Forest Plan
Report on the meeting of 5th March 2015, submitted by Jim Axell:
Venue:                    The Westin Nova Scotian Hotel
Chair:                     President Paul Frank
Desk:                      Heather MacDonald and Jong Kim
Members:              13
Visitors:                 1
Meeting was convened by the chair at 07.30. He reminded members that this year’s theme is
                                                   “Light up Rotary”
Grace: Valerie White             
Health of the Club:
Jim Axell noted that Muriel was back in hospital as of last Saturday evening.
Bob Reid told the club that he had been in Israel because his daughter was suffering from incurable cancer. He was with her when she died and attended her funeral in Jerusalem.
Terry Pond said her had spoken with Roy Martin and he seemed in good spirits.
Club Announcements:
Heather MacDonald reported that the recent clothing drive at Value Village had raised a total of $404. She thanked everyone for their donations.
Jim Axell said that he would like to have a short meeting with Judy Guernsey and David Organ on the Tree Planting project after the regular meeting.
Oscar Wong reported that a good candidate had been selected from 3 choices to have their name submitted to go on the Ottawa Citizen Project.  Judy Guernsey thanked Oscar for helping when Bob Reid was in Israel.
Bob Reid gave a brief summary of the discussion at the Mini Conference held in Dartmouth last Tuesday evening. David Organ and Judy Guernsey also attended.
Two projects were reported, Harbourside’s Run and Read program and the exchange program at a Gambia school; an update on the Polio eradication program; entertainment by 4 part Harmony, a group of Rotarians; progress on the Hospice project, which has received about $20,000 from the “100 Men who give a Damm” and has a site at the Atlantic School of Theology for the new Halifax Hospice; a report on this year’s District convention at the Westin Hotel; and finally the incoming District President addressed the conference.
It was suggested that the club should invite DG Stella Roy to speak about her trip to India to take part in the Polio Inoculation Program.
Happy Moments:
The following expressed a happy moment or two this week. Terry Pond, Bob Reid, Valerie White, David Organ.
Weekly Draw:
The person holding the winning draw ticket was Valerie White, but there was no happy moment because she drew the 2 of spades from the remaining cards. Next week the Queen will be worth $370.
Guest Speaker:
In the absence of Bob Power Jim Axell introduced Pat Flemming, Senior Financial Advisor, CommonWealth Partners who has over 15 years in the financial service industry.
Pat handed out a photocopied package of a power point presentation which he used for his presentation.
 He started by stating the approach that CommonWealth Partners take with clients. It is a 3 point approach namely;
Simplify- the complexity in your wealth management
Clarify - the Bigger Future
Coordinate – all of the moving parts.
He continued by discussing how the Canadian Bond Market had performed in relation to the S&P TSX. He presented a graph for the period 1997 to 2014 that showed Canadian bonds had outperformed the S&P TSX for most of the time.
His next question was “If interest rates go up, is that negative for bonds?” He selected two periods of time when interest rates rose significantly. In Dec. 72 to Apr. 80 the rise in interest rate was 10.9 % and by the end of this period the annualised bond return was 5.2%.  In Feb 87 to Apr 90 the rise in interest rate was 6.9% and bonds delivered annualised returns of 6.2%. He concluded this discussion with the statement “Maybe the Fear is greater than Reality”.
He continued with a discussion on oil prices and their fluctuations. He compared the change in price to a stretched elastic band. When fully stretched in an upward trend they will snap back down and if stretched in a downward trend they will snap back up. That has been the traditional trends in the past.
He commented that in OPEC countries they need from US$70 to US$136 abarrel of oil for their budgets to balance and so they are pressing Saudi Arabia to decrease production and so force the price back up. He concluded that the price per barrel must increase again.
President Paul thanked Pat for his address to the club and gave him a Rotary mug in appreciation of his presentation. In view of the time he asked Pat to stay after the meeting adjourned to answer questions.
Jong Kim led the singing of O Canada.
Next Week:
The speaker next week will be Peter Duinker.





26 February 2015


Report on meeting of February 26, 2015 submitted by Terry Pond

The next meeting of the Rotary Club of Halifax will be Thursday March 5, 2015 at 7:30 am at Yuk Yuk’s in the Westin Hotel.

Attendance: President Paul Frank, Heather MacDonald, Oscar Wong, Tad Mejzner , Roger Stein, Jong Kim, Jim Axell, Brian Burnell, Bob Power, Judy Guernsey, Doug McMillan & Terry Pond. Guest Speaker Mary LeBlanc, Resource Teacher Spryfield Elementary School, and Dal Rotoract Club members - Alora Wilkinson, Tasha Mazerkewich, Justin D' Entremont & Tara Lundy.


Venue: Yuk Yuk’s, Westin Hotel

Chair: President Paul Frank

Sergeant at Arms: PP Roy Hayward

Desk: Heather MacDonald standing in for Herman Ssebazza

Health of the Club: Nothing new to report.


Happy Moments: Roy Hayward, Bob Power, Oscar Wong.

Weekly Draw: Ticket # 381 held by Oscar Wong and Prize worth $340. Ahh!

Next week the draw is worth $350.

Club Announcements: Judy Guernsey reported on the status of the RI Grant

Guest Speaker: Jim Axell introduced the Guest Speaker, Resource Teacher Mary LeBlanc of Spryfield Elementary School. Mary started with a brief background on the successes Rotary has brought to the School with the Rotary Reading Program. She used Primary and Grade One classes as example that has one teacher to 27 students. Lowest Grade One (greatest need) students came to a resource program and would have a much lower teacher or adult to student reading ratio.

She spoke of the closure of Spryfield Elementary School last year and the move to Elizabeth Sutherland School while their building is being repaired. It is hoped to reunite students and teachers with the repaired school building next school year.

Mary went on to describe how the eight new IPADS and the "S.T.A.R. FALLS" software program were a big success for both the teachers and students. The IPADS are each used all day by students with the teacher’s creativity on turn selection for who is next. Their goal for coming year is to improve individual student reading comprehension. She stated that “Our job is to ensure each student understands what has been read”.

The software has a technique conferencing for teachers to students that create a one on one situation which provides smaller group interaction. School wide membership in the software S.T.A.R. Falls was also funded by our Club. It provides connectivity from computers and IPADs. This gives a second level of reading and comprehension challenge for students.

Using a new math curriculum that S.T.A.R. Fall has available now is another positive difference that parent and students can see. The teachers are learning new and different ways to succeed with IPADs, S.T.A.R. Falls and conferencing.

PTA at Spryfield Elementary School is not working. Parents do not come to school. There is no fund raising, no canteen. We rely on our outside supporters like Rotary Club of Halifax for improved Learning and Teaching. We have noted that we have a number of students that have a lot of need. This maybe a case of learning disability with 20 – 25 on list now. Need to develop a program for each one of these unique children.

Need perks for teachers and students to help them shine. The School Board measures students based on standardized testing which does not show the successes and advancements we have

achieved. Board asks, “What do you need to improve?” You have provided some of what we need, so thank you for helping us along the journey.

Mary the played a series of short videos with audio from S.T.A.R. Falls showing teachers’ testimonials on daily use of the IPADs, Valuable Tool, Word. Work, Math Tool, Goemetric Solids, and Phonics. Then videos of students thanking the Club for providing the IPADs especially for spelling, program help, feel better of accomplishments and one voice for Physics.

Mary then closed by saying she wanted to thank the Club in person. “Thank You.”

Q & A: A question of the stationary bike us as a teaching tool was asked. Mary explained that it helped hyper children burn off energy and be more productive, including reading while riding. She noted that it was $200 for a writing kit and $700 for a (kid size) stationary bike.

Next Week: Our quest speaker will be Pat Flemming who will be introduced by the meeting chair Jim Axell. President Paul will be away.

Adjournment: O Canada was led by Terry Pond

Theme for Rotary year -Light Up Rotary
The next meeting of the Rotary Club of Halifax will be Thursday, February 26, 2015 at 7:30 am at Yuk Yuk’s in the Westin Hotel.
Report on meeting of February 19, 2015 submitted by Terry Pond
Attendance:  President Paul Frank, Roy Hayward, Bob Power, Jim Axell, Jong Kim, Heather MacDonald, Roger Stein, Oscar Wong, Robert Read, Terry Pond and visitor ADG Eric Jagger. 10 members and 1 guests. 
Venue: Yuk Yuk’s, Westin Hotel
Chair:  President Paul Frank
Sergeant at Arms:  PP Roy Hayward
Desk:  Heather MacDonald standing in for Herman Ssebazza
Health of the Club:  
Roy Martin – had a medical procedure for a pace maker, doing well,
Muriel Axell – not responding like she should,
David Organ – is under the weather, and
Judy Guernsey - her knee has recovered.
 Club Announcements:
Heather MacDonald – Clothing Drive the CP of NS have provided a donation.
Paul Frank – he mentioned an e-mail from Barbara Fickes calling for volunteers for the District Convention in May 2015.  Heather asked what jobs needed filling?
Roy Hayward – Membership question. Is the current list up to date.  Paul confirmed it was.
Jim Axell:
Tree Planting.   2500 seedlings have been ordered with 3 – 9 May delivery date.
Therefore planting will have to happen  9th  – 10th  and then 23rd  – 24th  May this year.
CBCL discussions for sponsorship pending. Putting up the sign not approved by HRM. Try to develop a theme such as “HOSPICE”.  CBCL celebrates 60th anniversary in Halifax which may be potential for lead sponsor. Question. Brochure to be developed and needs a letter to put out that emphasizes receipt and we need PR.  Question.  Cost is $5.00 per tree OK? And the $100 trees are still available by order only.
ABC’s of Fraud.  There was a decision to continue the program and work with CARP.  Another “Shredding” project planning for end of March.  Maybe Sobey’s parking lot as Funeral Home parking lot no longer available. Free shredding with a donation to Rotary.  Remember that March id Fraud Month.
District Grant.  $1500 need to develop project with Spryfield Elementary (Joint Project). Mary LeBlanc is the Club’s guest speaker next week.
ADG Eric Jagger:  He talked about the Mini Conference planned for Tuesday night 3 March.  It will be held at Dartmouth Holiday Inn 5:30 for pre drinks and 6:00 pm for the meal. .  Meal cost is $18.00Several very good speakers such as the Youth Exchange group  and the Halifax Hospice Society.  He explained that their strategy was to hope for 60 members to join the fellowship. 
A question was asked about the Vacation Draw 2014 Income Tax Receipts.  The Treasurer stated that he needed the list of paid customers.  I, Terry Pond, said I would put that list together.  There was a discussion about deadline to have them out but it was confirmed that there is no deadline for this receipt but there is a moral obligation.
Valentines Dinner Dance.  Heather MacDonald asked Eric if he had a report on this event.  He stated that it was sold out but no after action report as yet.  It was $150.00 per It included great resources and excellent performers.  There was a short discussion on the Club’s premiere event.
Happy Moments: Roy Hayward, Bob Power, Oscar Wong.
Note:  It is the Year of the Ram and the Chinese New Year on 19 February.  Everyone congratulated Oscar and he mentioned it was a goat, of a sheep as well.
Weekly Draw:  $340.  Roger Stein drew a card – Ahh!   Next week the draw will be $350.
Open Meeting: There were no further points for the open meeting.  It was noted that a Board Meeting would be held immediately following next week’s Club meeting on 26 Feb.
Next week’s Guest Speaker is Mary LeBlanc, Resource Teacher at Spryfield Elementary School.  We want to discuss the IPads and new program especially to understand “How it works”.  There was a brief discussion on the ongoing cost of IPad Program  which like “ClubRunner” has a ongoing service fee.
Adjournment: O Canada was led by Terry Pond
Theme for Rotary year 2014 – 2015 - “Light Up Rotary”
Our next weekly breakfast meeting will be Thursday, February 19th  7:15 am  at the Westin Hotel, Hollis Street. This will be an Open Meeting.
Report of the meeting of February 12, 2015 submitted by PP Roy Hayward:
Venue: Westin Hotel,  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Chair:  President Paul Frank
Sergeant-At-Arms: PP Roy Hayward
Desk:  PP Heather MacDonald
Attendance:  13
Grace: Roger Stein
Health of the Club:
Jim Axell advised that Muriel is slowly recovering at home . She is easily fatigued and it will be a long slow process to full recovery.
President Paul advised that Judy Guernsey fell and sprained her knee.
Oscar Wong advised that PP Roy Martin is now on the list for knee replacement.
Club Announcements:
PP Jim Axell circulated a newsletter from Street Connection to which we had donated $1,000 to assist with the Christmas turkey dinner programme. This is part of the Bread of Life Ministries. They operate a bus to service various locations and the Rotary Wheel is displayed on it.
PP Brian Burnell thanked all who had helped with the upcoming programs and for suggesting speakers. More classification talks will be delivered over the next 2/3 months.
PP Bob Power and PP Heather MacDonald advised that the clothing and material drive at Value Village, Bayers Lake will take place Saturday, February 21st 9 am – 4 pm.
PP Jim Axell reported that the “100 Men who Give a Damn” chose to donate $15,100 to the “Rotary” Hospice at its previous night's meeting. This amount could grow to $20/25,000 as further donations come in.
President Paul advised that a mini-conference of the metro clubs will be held at the Holiday Inn, Dartmouth on March 7th.  Assistant Governor for Metro Clubs Eric Jagger will have more details at our February 19th meeting.
President Paul reported that Inbound/Outbound students are currently being considered with more information to come later.
Doug McMillan reported that the global grant for the Nigerian project is nearing completion.
PP Heather MacDonald reported that a special fundraiser is being held for Noah, son of Rotarian Dwane Isenor, on March 9th 5 – 10 pm at Finbars Pub, Bedford. 15% of the net receipts are going towards Noah's healthcare costs.
Happy Moments:  Ted Mejzner, Bob Power, Brian Burnell and Doug McMillan came forward
Weekly Draw: Roger Stein  drew the nine of clubs so the prize next week will be $340.
PP Jim Axell introduced Yau-Sun Tong, Director – Master Instructor N.S. School of Kung-Fu & Tai-Chi. Tai-Chi is an internal Chinese martial art practiced both for defense training and its health benefits. It relaxes the body, helps with co-ordination, lubricates joints and is “mediation in motion”.  Yau-Sun gave many other examples of the benefits of Tai-Chi and  demonstrated the art throughout his talk. He closed by having the members practice some of the moves with him. President Paul thanked Yau-Sun for his most interesting presentation.
Adjournment: O’Canada led by PP Jim Axell
Upcoming Programs:
February 26th  -  Mary LeBlanc – Central Spryfield Elementary School
March 5th       -  Pat Fleming
March 12th       - Peter Duinker – HRM Urban Forest Planting
March 19th       - Open Meeting
March 26th       - Jennifer Watts – Solar City Project
Note from Editor : Alleyne Newcomb
I am leaving tomorrow for a skiing trip therefore I am sending this out one day early.
Since our meeting was cancelled last week due to the inclement weather I have gathered some announcements to send out instead of the newsletter. 
This week our meeting will be held on Thursday Feb 12th @ 7:15 am in Yuks Yuks at the Westin Hotel.
The following was sent to me by Judy Guernsey to forward onto the Club:
I am sad to report to the Club that Robert Read's daughter passed away on Tuesday February 3 2015 from breast cancer at the age of 48.  Robert relayed that she was surrounded by loving family and friends who sang to her and celebrated the many wonderful contributions to the community during the last few days of her life. She had truly found her community and seemed well loved by many, many people. In keeping with the Jewish faith, burial has already occurred and a seven day mourning period is in progress. Robert seems to be holding together well and has been warmly embraced by Angela's husband's family and friends.  He will be returning to Halifax later this week.
Meeting schedule submitted by Brian Burrnell:
Feb 12   Yau-Sun Tong - Some Taiji secrets
Feb 19   Open meeting    
Feb 26   Mary LeBlanc - Central Spryfield Elementary School
Mar 5    Pat Fleming    
Mar 12    Peter Duinker - HRM Urban Forest Plan
Mar 19    Open meeting     
Mar 26    Jennifer Watts - Solar City Project
The following information was sent to me by Dale Corey to be distributed to the members of our Rotary Club:
Dining in the Dark
 An evening of exceptional food,
wine, inspiration … and blindfolds
Take part in an unforgettable culinary experience where you will rely on all of your senses – except sight.
Proceeds from Dining in the Dark support CNIB’s programs and services that help Nova Scotians who are blind
or partially sighted to lead full, active lives.
Event details:
Date:        Thursday, March 5, 2015
Time:        6 to 9 p.m.
Cost:        $75 per ticket or $600 Table of 8
Location:  Dalhousie University
McInnes Ballroom
6136 University Avenue
Halifax, NS
To purchase tickets, please call Laura Kennedy at our CNIB Halifax Centre at (902) 453-1480 ext. 5727 or