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ShelterBox Canada is appealing for donations to support the Typhoon Haiyan relief effort.

Hundreds of thousands of men, women, boys and girls in the phillippines are now homeless and without clean water or food in the wake of super Typhoon Haiyan. Their situation is desperate. ShelterBox has teams in the Philippines responding to the disaster and we are moving emergency shelter and other vital aid already located in the Philippines and neighbouring countries to the worst affected areas.

Individual canadian donations made by december 8th towards typhoon haiyan relief will be matched by the canadian government

The Government of Canada will match donations made to ShelterBox Canada for Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts. For each dollar donated by individual Canadians to ShelterBox Canada, one dollar will be set aside for the Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fun. This is a unique opportunity to double the impact of your donation.

Donations to this appeal will be used to fund our response to Typhoon Haiyan. Feedback from ShelterBox Response teams already in the Philippines confirms that the typhoon has caused utter devastation with hundreds of thousands of people made homeless with no access to clean water, electricity or food.

ShelterBox Canada Contact Information

159 Jane Street, Office 2,
Toronto, Ontario
M6S 3Y8
Phone: 647-352-1930
Toll Free: 1-855-875-4661