Theme for Rotary year - “Engage Rotary Change Lives” 
Report on meeting of October 10, 2013 

Reported by Harry Churchill

The next meeting of the Rotary Club of Halifax will be Thursday, October 17, at 7:30 am at R.A. Park.
The speaker will be Barbara Adams of PhysioCare at Home.


DG Gregg Coldwell Presents the "True Rotarian Award" Certificate to Rotarian Terry Pond

Club President Bob Power and Assistant DG Wendy Keen assisted.

Congratulations to Terry Pond who received the well deserved “True Rotarian Award” 

Venue: Royal Artillery Park, 1575 Queen Street, Halifax, NS
Chair: President Bob Power
Sargent-At-Arms: Roy Hayward
Desk: Herman Ssebazza and Jong Kim
Attendance: 16 members and 5 guests
Grace: Judy Guernsey
Health of the Club: President Bob was present

Club Announcements: Terry Pond spoke about notification he received from RA Park management about new catering package. It is effective in
September and it appears prices are increasing and menu may change. He will speak to manager to get more details and how it will affect us and report back next week.
Terry will collect Vacation Draw money for tickets sold since Cemal is not present.

Happy Moments: Douglas McMillan, Terry Pond, Roy Hayward, Judy Guernsey, Paul Frank, Bill VanGorder, Bob Power, and Bridge Pachai

Weekly Draw: Tad Mejzner drew 5 of spades. $260.00 next week

Guest Speaker: PP Heather MacDonald introduced our speaker. District Governor Greg Coldwell is a Annapolis Valley native involved in farming for over 30 years and a leader in many farming organizations. He has 2 sons and 5 grandchildren. He also serves on his community Council. Has many interests. His wife Claudia was in attendance.

DG Greg first asked “Why did you join Rotary”? The more you put in, the more you will get out. These are words from Rotary International President Ron Burton.  He asked Assistant DG Wendy Keen to read the wording on the “True Rotarian Award” which is to be presented to a member of our Club. 

Terry Pond was the Rotarian who received the well deserved Award.Terry’s wife and daughter came in just as Award was being presented and this was a surprise for Terry.

DG Greg spoke about how the average Rotarian changes lives while being a member. He had several examples of the work of Rotary and the positive affect it has on people around the world. You have to engage members in the work of your Club.

He wants you to remember “ Each and everyone of you has something to do for Rotary and Rotary needs you” and that the Rotary Club exists to advance the objects of Rotary. <!--[endif]-->

He mentioned that our District had the largest percentage increase in membership in our Zone. He encouraged members to support the Rotary Foundation and reviewed the Polio Plus program and we are very close to finishing the job. He told the story about, when he was 11, the Rotary Club of Wolfville giving him a short horned calf as a result of his work with 4H. He circulated a cow bank into which members could contribute to Polio Plus. He concluded with a video on the 2014 District Conference.

President Bob thanked the District Governor and presented he and his wife, Claudia, with our Rotary Centennial mugs.

Adjournment: Jong Kim led in the singing of “O Canada”.

Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Rotary Club of Halifax will be Thursday, October 17, at 7:30 am at R.A. Park.
The speaker will be Barbara Adams of PhysioCare at Home.-----

SPECIAL NOTE - Vacation Draw 2013

Tickets are now on sale for the Vacation Draw. If you do not have your tickets, contact Cemal for your package. Electronic information will follow later in the week for you to send by email to your prospects.

Bill VanGorder
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