Rotary Club of Halifax



Club News Letter October 22, 2013



Theme for Rotary year - “Engage Rotary Change Lives”

Report on meeting of October 17, 2013 submitted by Harry Churchill:

The next meeting of the Rotary Club of Halifax will be Thursday, October 24 at 7:30 am at R.A. Park. The speaker will be Cathy McGrail, Manager of Cruise Development for the Halifax Port Authority.


    "Historic picture of our Halifax, NS as seen from the Citadel circa 1900"

Venue: Royal Artillery Park, 1575 Queen Street, Halifax, NS

Chair: President Bob Power

Sergeant-At-Arms: Roy Hayward

Desk: Herman Ssebazza and Jong Kim

Attendance: 17 members and guest speaker

Grace: Brian Burnell

Health of the Club: Nothing to report

Club Announcements:


Jim Axell - Paul Harris group to meet after this meeting.  

 1)Rotary Foundation month coming up and he will be collecting cans. Get them filled.

 2) He has tickets for a barbershop concert on November 2, celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Barbershop Harmony.

 3) Literacy program at Spryfield School is starting next week and speak to Jim if you would like to participate.


Herman Ssebazza - He will be away for next 8 weeks to Uganda and needs someone to look after desk for this period. Heather MacDonald and Roy Hayward volunteered to help.


Bob Power - We are still looking for Rotarian to coordinate speakers for February and March.


Terry Pond - Dale Heisler is organizing our Remembrance Service for November 7 and he has arranged for a speaker.


Meeting Discussion.  Some discussion took place regarding the agreement with the local Rotarian Clubs for fundraising for the building of the Hospice. It has been forwarded to all board members and if approved will be signed by the President.

Happy Moments: Jim Axell, Oscar Wong, Robert Read, and Bob Power

Weekly Draw: Cemal drew the 6 of diamonds, $260 next week.


Guest Speaker: Bill VanGorder introduced Barbara Adams, the head of PhysioCare at Home. Complete physiotherapy at your door step.  


Barbara said she would speak about chronic fatigue and ways to treat chronic pain. She had some handouts on exercises and on devices to treat pain. You should do about 7 to 13 thousand steps a day and seniors should do from 6 to 8 thousand steps a day. You need a pedometer to measure your steps. You have to be careful what pain medications you may be taking. There are now electronics devices to help with pain control and she spoke about three of them. She also spoke about heat and ice being used to help with pain. Barbara also spoke about CryODerm and Voltaren being used to rub on affected areas. You must be careful when using any products for the treatment of pain. Sleeping by yourself may be helpful for people with pain problems. Keeping your balance is important for seniors. Eyes are the main control for balance as well as your inner ear. She used Bill for test of grip and balance.

When sitting in a chair, if you cannot get up without using assistance of any kind, you should not be alone. You should know what is causing your pain. 

President Bob thanked our speaker and presented her with our Rotary mug.

Adjournment: The meeting closed with “ O Canada”, led by Jim Axell.

Next Meeting: October 24 at 7:30 am and the speaker will be Cathy McGrail, Manager Cruise Development, Halifax Port Authority.


          "Our Halifax, NS as seen from the Air circa 2010"