Rotary Club of Halifax



Club News Letter October 31, 2013



The next meeting of the Rotary Club will be Thursday Nov. 7th. at R. A. Park. This will be our Remembrance Day Program with a Guest Veteran speaking about his experiences.

Report on the meeting of 31st October 2013 submitted by Jim Axell

Meeting was convened by the chair at 07.30. He reminded members that this year’s theme is

“Engage Rotary Change Lives”


Venue: Royal Artillery Park

Chair: President Bob Power

Sergeant-At-Arms: Roy Hayward

Desk: Heather MacDonald

Members: 16

Visitors: 1 + 1 at end of meeting

Grace: Bridge Pachai led the club in Grace

Health of the Club: Roy Hayward reported that Harry Churchill was in hospital with complications following a prostate procedure. He also noted that Vince Ihasz had been in hospital and had a pace maker implanted. He is home now and progressing well.

Note: A Hot Meal provided this morning was delicious. "The best I have had at RA Park", said President Bob.



- Alleyne Newcomb indicated that she was busy on PR for the Vacation Draw and the Paul Harris /Christmas dinner on 28th November.

- Terry Pond noted that he had taken over the VISA transactions for the Vacation Draw.

- Roy Martin is now accepting payment for the Paul Harris/Christmas dinner. Payment must be made in advance of the dinner date, Nov 28th. Roy also noted that there are still some 100 Vacation Draw tickets being held by Cemal. Everyone is urged to sell more tickets as each ticket not sold is $100 less in our Charitable account.

- Bob Power Following discussion led by President Bob it was agreed that there would be NO breakfast meeting on 28th Nov, the date of the Club dinner.

Happy Moments:

The following expressed a Happy Moment during the past week. Terry Pond; Alleyne Newcomb; Bridge Pachai; Brian Burnell; Bob Power.

Weekly Draw:

Roy Martin was the holder of this week’s winning draw ticket but he was only able to find the Ace of Diamonds in the cards. Next week the draw will be worth $280.

Open meeting:

President Bob asked Secretary Marlon to begin the discussion on meal prices at RA Park. Marlon indicated that almost weekly there are less than the 20 minimum that the club has to pay breakfasts for. He continued by noting that there was an investigation started to look at the problem of members who are attending regularly subsidizing those who do not attend regularly. There is consideration of some form of equalizing payment so that all members would be contributing to the meal cost. This has all been speeded up because RA Park is introducing new pricing policies for meals which will increase meal costs quite significantly. The will also be a service fee plus HST added to the meal price which will increase it to the $21 range.

Other options are therefore being considered.

Bill VanGorder and Alleyne Newcomb continued the discussions reporting that they had held preliminary discussions with the Westin Hotel. The Westin offers breakfast from their hotel buffet at a cost of $17 per person. Coffee and a muffin can be had from the bar. Parking is available on the street. The hotel can offer storage space.

In the following discussion it was agreed that the meeting on Thursday 14th November will be held at the Westin to allow members to check the room, breakfast and parking.

The following actions need to be completed :

-Bob Power to confirm with the Westin that the 14th is OK.

-Marlon Hagerty to advise the Mayor’s office of the change of location.

-Alleyne Newcomb to advise members of the change of location.

-Terry Pond is to notify RA Park that there will be no meeting on the 14th.

Bill VanGorder said that the Executive needs to go over the details with Glen Bowie at the Westin to confirm all the issues. Bob Power indicated this would be done.

Terry Pond reminded the Board that RA Park has told the club that they cannot supply food on 5th December, the day of the Vacation Draw. This needs to be resolved.

Central Spryfield Elementary School: Mary LeBlanc, Resource Teacher, arrived just before the meeting was going to close. She had car trouble and was delayed in arriving to accept the donation of $1,315.00 from President Bob that the club is giving the school this year as we continue to partner with the school in a variety of ways.

Mary thanked the club and gave a brief outline of how the funds will be used by the school.




Closing: Jong Kim led the singing of O Canada.