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Club Newsletter 27 September 2012

Rotary Club of Halifax Newsletter

The next meeting of the Halifax Rotary Club will be October 4, Thursday, at RA Park. The Speaker will be Patrick Kakembo, Director, African – Canadian services division, N.S. Department of Education.

submitted by Dr. Oscar Wong:
Venue: Royal Artillery Park, Queen street, Halifax, 730 am to 830 am
Chair: President Valerie White
Sergeant- at-Arms: PP Roy Hayward
Desk:Jong Kim and Cliff Tyner
Attendance: 20 including the guest speaker and Rotaract Serena
Health of the club:Roy Martin reported that his great grandson had Bone Marrow Transplant procedure done last week and the Doctor reported good result and it has to wait a while before he could determine whether it is a good TAKE.
Terry Pond:
-- Received a cheque from Capital Health Board of Directors who had donated 40 seedlings for our project of 200 dollars/
- Medicine Hat Rotary Club sent in a cheque of 100 dollars for a red maple tree to be planted anywhere we chose to support
our centennial project
- Received a letter of thanks and tax receipt for our donation to Valley VON
- Received an invitation to participate / contribute the Rose Parade in Pasadena on New Year Day
- Terry showed us the “ temporary cover” for the Centennial book being prepared by Bridge and urged members to submit the
past interesting pictures and events’ records.
- Members still can order Centennial golf shirts from Terry. For logo only on your own shirt costs 10 dollars. Contact Terry for
different colors and styles.
Roy Martin:- IWK woodworking workshop orientation – Next Monday night at 7 pm at IWK parking lot.
Bob Power:- Halifax Rotary Club Bridge will start next month and this is the 31st season. Need on replacement player. Contact Bab.
Marlon:- Only 4 members turned out last Saturday for the tree planting and we need more this weekend. The Barrington Trail was rough terrain. This week Saturday Marlon will meet you at 8 – 9 am in the dockyard parking lot at junction of Barrington and Cornwallis and he will coordinates the planting of bigger trees and the planting few in private properties. Other public parks such as Dingle, Hemlock Ravine are included in the project. Please call Marlon at 999-9092 for details and questions.
Happy Moments: - Bill VanGorder is happy to be back after attending the Shaw FestivalCARP NS Chapter is hosting “ Stopping Elder Abuse” Program on October 2, 7 pm to 9 pm at J.A. Snow Funeral Home Auditorium 339 Lacewood Drive. Call for details—495- 8284. CARP is hosting “Learn to play Bridge” in Northwood. Contact Bill for detail
-Brian Burnell, 35 years ago, he joined Rotary Club and that was he best decision he ever made.
-Bob, had wonderful biking adventure and the Bridge Club makes it to 31st year.
-Laurie Mireau, friends visit from England and went to different art shows.
Weekly draw :No winner, next week—340 dollars
Guest Speaker:Introduced by Bill VanGorder, Chair of CARP, N.S. Chapter,
Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck holds a Master of Physical Education and Training Sciences and a Doctorate in System and Communication.
He was the former National Head Coach of Germany’s National Track and Field Team; Founder and Developer of Nationwide
Sports and Health Programs in Germany and brings with him 25 years of experience in developing and managing Health and
Wellness programs in Europe, United States and recently Canada and he is the founder and president of Canadian Walking
Academy and his topic today is Nordixx Pole Walking.
Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck:-Nordic Pole Walking is walking exercise with poles and is the most effective low impact physical activity for all
ages and levels. Stats Canada showed that Canadians claimed walking is their preferred physical activity. The Canadian Walking Academy is launching walking programs for everyday people- to get people moving, get them moving effectively and with maximum benefit, and to do it in a low-cost environment that is accessible to all. In Europe, over 20% of the population pole walk and since 2003 insurance companies covered this activity. Klaus was invited about 3 years ago by Sunnybrook Hospital to demonstrate this type of walking exercise and it has since become a regular activity for staff and patients alike. Nordic Pole Walking is like, cross country skiing without skis. It provides more calorie burning, a 22-25 % increase in Cardiovascular use and involves 90 % of body muscles with less impact on the joints. Klaus then asked two volunteers to come forward to demonstrate the Pole walking , how it could improve the posture and the muscle contraction in the shoulder, arm, chest wall and back and other areas. You could burn 600 – 900 cal. per hour of Pole Walking. One could start 3 times a week, 20 minutes to 30 minutes, and slowly increased the frequency and/ or length of time. Clinical experiences showed that the Pole Walking could help in weight loss; reduce / eliminate back, shoulder and neck pain; significantly lower Insulin level in Diabetics , and lower high blood pressure with 26% less impact on knee and hip joints versus brisk walking or jogging. Adjustable Poles are available at 64.95 and 79.95. “The Ultimate Nordic Pole Walking Book” is available at Nordic Pole Walking Canada :—
If one is interested to become a Nordic Walking Instructor, he/ she can contact , many members asked related question.
Adjournment: O Canada led by Terry Pond
Next meeting: October 4, Thursday, RA Park. Speaker:- Patrick Kakembo, Director, African – Canadian services division, N.S. Department of Education.