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The next meeting of the Halifax Rotary Club will be Thursday, November 19, 2015 at 7:15 am at the Prince George Hotel, 1725 Market Street, Halifax. This will be an Open Meeting, for general discussion of matters important to the Club.
Website for the meeting location:
Rotary Club of Halifax, Nova Scotia
Meeting Notes of November 12, 2015
A Day of Note: November 12th is World Pneumonia Day!
Venue: Tradewinds Room, Westin Hotel, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Meeting Chair: President Doug McMillan.
Sergeant-At-Arms: Roy Hayward, PP. 
Desk: Roger Stein.
Welcome: Herman Ssebazza. Herman welcomed guest speaker, Rev. Dr. Robert Fennell.
Grace: Brian Burnell
Health of the Club: Alleyne had nasty fall that led to a gash requiring seven stitches! We wish her a very speedy recovery.
Club Announcements:
  1. Jim Axell: November is Rotary Foundation Month.  The Foundation has gone paperless, however, Jim does have some envelopes available for Foundation donations.  He also announced that there are just two countries left in which to eradicate Polio.  As well, the Salvation Army Angel Tree Cards are now available.  We will carry on with this program.  Finally, there will be an Urban Forest Committee meeting following after next week's weekly Club meeting.
  2. Terry Pond: There are 63 Vacation Draw Tickets left to go out into the community. Special Mention: Roy Martin sold 30 tickets!
  3. Roy Hayward: Regarding the Christmas Party, Thursday, Dec. 17th is available at Ashburn Golf and Country Club.  Including entertainment, the cost per person is $45.00.  Jan. 7th 2016 is booked for the Egg Nog Lunch. Paul Harris Fellows will be recognized at this time.
  4. David Organ: David, who is working on the Club’s website, Facebook and other social media, asked members to ‘LIKE’ the Rotary Facebook page. Expect changes and additions to all media coming down the pipe as the learning curve is mastered. Members are encouraged to let David know about things they like or do not like: all improvement suggestions welcome.
  5. President Doug McMillan:
    1. Doug announced that the cheque in the amount of $164 has arrived from the Value Village Clothing Drive for Hospice.
    2. He also thanked Terry for leading an excellent Remembrance Day service at the November 5th Lunch Meeting. 
    3. Thanks were also given to Judy for her excellent work with the Global Grant Program.
    4. The Wine Sale for Hospice is now on, and will run between the 9th and the 23rd of November, with pick up on Thursday, Nov. 26th. 
    5. President Doug also reported that a District Governor Elect has been selected for 2018-2019, and that is Rob Christie, member of the Rotary Club of Pictou and Assistant Governor for Central and Northern Nova Scotia. 
    6. Doug noted that the Club we will not be able to meet at the Westin next week, and the meeting will be held at the Prince George Hotel, 1725 Market Street, Halifax. It will be an Open Meeting. Planned foci for discussion at the open meeting include:
      1. Paul Harris Fellowship committee (including another member).
      2. Speakers (including assistance from club members).
      3. Social events (including the number interested in a Christmas party and potential future events)
      4. Communications (what should occur as many members move forward with electronic communication).
      5. Membership and officers within the club.
      6. Please suggest other major areas of focus.
Happy Moments:
President Doug McMillan enjoyed three weeks in Calgary with his grandchildren.
David Organ enjoyed the Bedford Remembrance Day Services and was pleased with how well attended they were. He also enjoyed the Nov. 5th Lunch Meeting with the Remembrance Day presentation by Terry Pond.
Terry Pond picked up a 93 year old Veteran to take to the Remembrance Day Service, and this Veteran shared how he went seven days without food or water during his service in Malta during the war. Terry felt very thankful for this man’s sacrifices for our country.
Jim Axell appreciates the new Newsletter format.
Weekly Draw: David Organ drew the winning ticket, but drew the Ace of Spades rather than the Queen of Hearts. The draw will be worth $200 next meeting.
The guest speaker was the Rev. Dr. Robert Fennell, professor of systematic and historical theology at the Atlantic School of Theology, Halifax, who provided an overview of Christianity.
Rev. Dr. Fennell noted that, with a Canadian population of over 35 million, about 58% identify as Christian, 28% state they have no religion, and the remaining 14% are affiliated with other religions. Worldwide, 32% of people identify as Christian, and 23% Muslim. Roman Catholic and other Catholics were 65% in Canada, while 50% worldwide.  Protestants comprise 31% in Canada and 38% worldwide. The landscape and map of faith orientations is in continual flux.
Christians are very diverse in their beliefs, with many political and economic factors involved.  After 2000 plus years, there are bound to be some disagreements in Christianity, arising from culture, law, medicine, theory, even cooking styles!
Rev. Dr. Fennell touched on how new names have been selected for dating purposes to remove the Christian bias in a pluralistic world: BCE means ‘Before the Common Era’, and CE means ‘Common Era’. But apart from the change in names, BCE = BC and CE = AD respecting timelines.
He then went on to touch on a few Christian milestones: 1-35 CE (Common Era), the life of Christ; 30‑100 CE, the foundation of Christianity is laid; 50-400 CE, Christianity expanded to the Middle East, India, Africa and Europe; 66-324 CE, Roma Empire’s persecution of Christianity, when followers were literally thrown to the lions!  In 313 CE, Christianity became authorized in Rome, freeing it from being an underground religion.  In 1054 CE there was a split between East (Orthodox) and West (Catholic and Latin) philosophies.  In 1400 CE the Protestant Movement began.  In 1517 CE, Martin Luther's famous protest led to a split from Rome.  From 1500 to 1900 CE, Christianity expanded into Asia, North and South America. 
In spite of the many nuances and differences in belief and practice, areas of agreement in Christianity include there is but one God (not two or three), and that prayer and service to others are vital aspects of being Christian. Controversies in Christianity are many, including who makes the policies and procedures governing a church, doctrinal differences, disagreement about the roles of women, and the place of human sexuality, to mention a few. 
It is hard to cover the complexity and diversity of Christianity in just 15 minutes, but, nonetheless, Rev. Dr. Fennell skillfully managed to leave time for questions from the Club, which was an excellent exchange.
Special Attachment: Rev. Dr. Fennell graciously granted your humble newsletter editor permission to include a copy of his presentation as a PDF file attachment.
President Doug presented Rev. Dr. Fennell with our 100th Anniversary mug after this lovely presentation.
Adjournment: “O Canada” was sung, led by Jong Kim
Next Week: The next meeting of the Halifax Rotary Club will be Thursday, November 19, 2015 at 7:15 am at the Prince George Hotel, 1725 Market Street, Halifax. This will be an Open Meeting, for general discussion of matters important to the Club.
Additional Tidbits – News and Information:
Christmas and Eggnog New Year Events:
Christmas Dinner: turkey and all the usual trimmings.
Time: Thursday, December 17th, arrive by 6:00 pm for 6:30 pm start.
Venue: Ashburn Golf Club – 3250 Joseph Howe Drive, Halifax.
Cost: $45.00 per person.
Entertainment: Guitar/banjo player and keyboard player (same as last year).
Prepayment Required.
Eggnog Luncheon: Thursday, January 7, 2016 – 12 noon.
Ashburn Golf Club – 3250 Joseph Howe Drive.
Same food, etc., and cost as last January – cost per person depends on number of people paying – we will try to determine general cost estimate after the Thursday meeting on the 19th.
Wine Sale to Benefit Hospice!
Thanks to the six Rotary Clubs of the metro area and Bishop’s Cellar you can support hospice as you spread good cheer this holiday season. $25 from each case of wine sold will go to Hospice Halifax!
$25 from each case goes directly to the Rotary’s fundraising effort for hospice.
Limited time only … the sale started Nov 9 and ends on Nov 23 with one day only pick up on Nov 26 (8 am to 8 pm) at Bishop’s Cellar Warehouse, 3607 Strawberry Hill, Halifax.

Don't delay! Order your Christmas wine and support the Hospice Society!