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The next meeting of the Halifax Rotary Club will be Thursday, December 3, 2015 at 7:15 am in the Tradewinds Room, Westin Hotel. The meeting program focus will be the annual Vacation Draw.
Rotary Club of Halifax, Nova Scotia Meeting
Notes of November 26, 2015
A Day of Note: November 26th is American Thanksgiving! We extend to our American neighbours our best wishes for a happy day of thankfulness and family.
From 26 November there are 35 days remaining until the end of the year. Hurry.
Roger Stein reported the following: Bill Humphries, a former Rotarian, stopped by at the end of the meeting to cash in his 2014 Vacation Draw ticket. He was reimbursed $450 as stated on the ticket. He then said he wanted to make a contribution to the club, and proceeded to make a check out for $5000! It is with gratitude we say: “Thank you! We will use it well in service to others.”
Errata from last week’s Newsletter: It is John Moldon who is seeking contact with the Rotary Club of Boston regarding the 100th anniversary of the Halifax explosion.
Venue: Tradewinds Room, Westin Hotel, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Meeting Chair: Bob Power.
Sergeant-At-Arms: Roy Hayward, PP.
Desk: Roger Stein.
Welcome: Herman Ssebazza. Herman welcomed guest speaker Juanita Spencer, who was introduced by Brian Burnell.
Attendance: 15 attended the meeting, including the guest speaker.
Grace: Robert Read, M.D.
Health of the Club: no new information was shared.
Club Announcements:
  1. Terry Pond gave us an update on Vacation Draw sales. He asked each of us to take another ticket or two to sell before the draw next week.
  2. President Doug:
    1. Uganda Updates:
      1. President Doug shared from Uganda that he has taken pictures of the maize mill, and shared a very pleasant day with John Mpagi, seeing he town of his birth, home and family cemetery. Community visits continue.
      2. Shared November 29th: “I was at the Church of the Martyrs today (where Pope Francis spoke yesterday). I will put together a few slides, including the global grant project launch tomorrow. Although there are probably as many doctor jokes as accountant jokes, I conveniently forget them. As I cannot fill in for a speaker spot like you [Brian] in this area, perhaps I could let people know about my Ugandan visit if an opportunity presents.” [Editor’s note: no doubt there will be a hearty “YES” to this offer.]
      3. The meeting of December 17th is cancelled to make space for the club’s annual Christmas Party that same evening. See information below regarding December 17th. The next meeting at the Westin Hotel will be January 14, 2016.
Happy Moments: Terry Pond, Brian Burnell, Robert Read.
Weekly Draw: Oscar drew the winning ticket, but aww, did not draw the Queen of Hearts. The draw will be worth $220 next meeting.
Juanita Spencer joined the Spring Garden Area Business Association in November 2014 as Executive Director. She has an extensive background in helping individuals and small businesses navigate the government labyrinth. A former entrepreneur herself, Spencer also spent time with the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies as Manager of Research and Operations, and with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business as Policy Analyst and Business Counsellor. Her policy research and business counselling roles give her insight into how business responds to government activities.

Spencer's Master's level research focused on correcting the unintended consequences of well-intended public policy. She has written on issues of university funding and provincial transfers, the taxation and regulation of small business, and the challenges around getting public consultation and engagement right in the modern era of direct electronic interaction and immediate feedback.

Spencer has delivered talks to future policy leaders on the small business-government interface, and has had numerous leadership roles in organizations bridging the gap between government and community. She currently serves on the board of the Nova Scotia Office of Employer Advisor. Spencer has a BA from Saint Mary's University and an MPA from Dalhousie University. She is also a graduate of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation Leadership Academy.

Juanita spoke to the club about the Spring Garden Area Business Association’s activities and growth, and shared insights on working with government to achieve objectives.

“The Spring Garden Area Business Association (SGABA) is the “voice of business in the Spring Garden Area”, representing member businesses to various levels of government and other key stakeholders in the community. The Business Improvement District provides a lead role in advocacy on important issues that affect the area in which it represents. The SGABA is governed by a volunteer board of directors; staff implements decisions made by the board and any additional sub committees.” – from LinkedIn site.

Adjournment: “O Canada” was sung, led by Jim Axell.

Next Week: The next meeting of the Halifax Rotary Club will be Thursday, December 3, 2015 at 7:15 am in the Tradewinds Room, Westin Hotel. The meeting program focus will be the annual Vacation Draw. Our speaker for the following meeting, December 10th, will be Scott Ferguson, from the Halifax Trade Centre.

Christmas and Eggnog New Year Events:

  Christmas Dinner: turkey and all the usual trimmings.
Time: Thursday, December 17th, arrive by 6:00 pm for 6:30 pm start.
Venue: Ashburn Golf Club – 3250 Joseph Howe Drive, Halifax.
Cost: $45.00 per person.
Entertainment: Guitar/banjo player and keyboard player (same as last year).
Prepayment Required.

  Eggnog Luncheon:
Thursday, January 7, 2016 – 12 noon.
Ashburn Golf Club – 3250 Joseph Howe Drive.
Same food, etc., and cost as last January – cost per person depends on number of people paying – we will try to determine general cost estimate after the Thursday meeting on the 19th.