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Theme for Rotary year - “Engage Rotary Change Lives”

Report on the meeting of 21 November 2013 Submitted by Rotarian Terry Pond:          

The next meeting of the Rotary Club of Halifax has been postponed from a morning to an evening meeting. It will be part of the Club’s Paul Harris Fellow Awards Dinner and Ceremony on Thursday, November 28, 6:30 for 7:00 p.m. at Ashburn Golf Club. The venue is located off Joseph Howe Dr. in Halifax.  President Bob Power will be the Master of Ceremonies. [Note: Should you like to attend and have not booked with Roy Martin as yet, please call him at 443-1724.]

Venue: Royal Artillery Park, 1575 Queen Street, Halifax, NS

Chair: President Bob Power

Sergeant-At-Arms: Roy Hayward

Desk: Heather MacDonald and Jong Kim

Attendance: 21 members and guests were present [including two Dal Rotoract members]

Grace: Valerie White

Health of the Club: Rotarian Harry Churchill Update.  Harry is at home and reported doing well. The VON  will be nursing Harry until 9 December.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests – There were five visitors to the club meeting – Dr. D.A. Grant; Dal Rotoractor Sarina Holz and Marie-Elssa Morency; Prospective new member, Tony Trimper; and President Bob’s sister Mary Power.

Club Announcements:  

Jim Axell had several items to report:

1)       November is Foundation Month.  He mentioned that he had handed out a threefold brochure on The Rotary Foundation (TRF) “Ways to Give”.  If you did not get one please see Jim for a copy.  If you are donation directly to TRF please take an envelope, fill it out and mail it personally. He challenged members to become a Foundation Benefactor to the Permanent Fund by bequeathing $1,000.00 from your estate. He handed out an info sheet.       2)       Salvation Army.  –                                                                                                                         a.       Angel Tree Cards.   Gift Cards are still available and must be returned by 5 Dec.                                 b.       Kettle Campaign.   Our date is 10 Dec at Halifax Shopping Center located near the Santa Claus Tree.  There are two hour shifts from Noon to 9:00 p.m. He passed around a shift signup sheet.

Terry Pond announced that last count of Vacation Draw 2013 ticket sales, there was 150+ tickets sold.  He explained that we will give away the prizes on Thursday 5 December. The question of venue location has been answered, it has been changed to the Westin at 8:00 as part of the Club meeting.  He repeated three things:                                         -  Sold Tickets, TURN THEM IN;                                                                                                                           -  Unsold Tickets, SELL THEM, THEN TURN THEM IN; and                                                                                     -  Not Picked Up Tickets Yet, PICK THEM UP & SELL THEM, THEN TURN THEM IN

Roy Martin reported that PHF Dinner Ceremony on 28 November had 56 committed attendees.  The price was set at $46/person. He must confirm the meals required in advance. The venue will be held at Ashburn Golf Club of Joseph Howe Dr in Halifax.  Jim Axell noted that we will be presenting 5 PHF Awards at the Dinner.        


AG Wendy Keen. (Pres Bob Read)  Dominican Republic Rotary Project.   There is room for two more Rotarians to volunteer to participate and travel with the group to this project in the Caribbean. Call President for coordination. The two time periods this year are:                                                                                                                          a.       Depart January 24 and return 31 January 2014;                                                                                          b.       Depart February 14 and return 14 February 2014.


President Bob.   Philippines Disaster from Typhoon Haiyan.  He started by stating that we have not done anything as a club to help.  He then read a letter from DG Gregg Coldwell who challenges all district clubs match the $1,000.00 And, the words of RI President Ron Burton, that spoke of thousands of Philippine survivors struggling to survive.  


He recommended SHELTER BOX as a good way to help a family. It was again noted that Club member Francisco Lorenzo status in the Philippines was still unknown.  President Bob is to call his wife Anne and offer assistance if needed.  He further reported that Club member Judy Guernsey if the club could help through the International Committee.  Doug suggest it would be better if we could establish a personal contact a build on relief to a specific area.  It was noted that the Canadian Government will match donations made by Canadians.  It was asked that Judy try to determine what relief organizations are working in the Francisco’s location.  Contact him and establish a positive contact to find out the need through him. The President polled the members for agreement to spend $1,000.00 for this Humanitarian Assistance to the Philippines.  There was agreement. 


Heather MacDonald.  Hospice House Wine Sale.  Heather reported the results of the next Wine Sale for Hospice House fundraising.  Do to circumstances, a new wine operator “Bishop Cellar”.  The wine offered will be mixed case with a $190.00 value selling at $150.00 each. There are only 8 cases per club and she had orders for 4 or 5 cases by end of meeting.  Pick up will be on 4 to 7 Dec at 9 Spring Street in Bedford.


Happy Moments: Jim Axell happy for the ABCs of Fraud presentation he and Roy Hayward gave at the School for the Blind and happy to be out of the Dentist chair.  Marie-Elssa was happy to be back. President Bob was happy to have his sister, Mary, at the meeting.


Weekly Draw:  $300. Dr. Robert Read had the winning ticket but drew the 4 of Spades. Next week $310. 


Guest Speaker Program.   Oscar Wong introduced our guest speaker, Dr. D.A. (Gus) Grant. Registrar and CEO of the College of Physicians of NS.  Very pleased to welcome him to our club.


Dr. Grant stated he was here to talk about an Awareness Campaign “Good Pill Bad Pill”, the use and abuse of prescription pain pills; the nature and extent of the problem with Opiate Drugs.  There are people who are not aware of the problem and people who think it is a new problem. Opium based drugs [dilotines, anticodeines, etc] have been around for centuries.  He then touched the Britain/China Wars because of the OPIUM trade – conclusion, Opium has and will always be the drug of choice for pain and abuse – it is not going away. The normal dose of pain killer is 1 to 2 ml 4 times per day waiting for an operation.  In USA, last year, enough dilotin was used to give every citizen 5 ml per day for one month.  It is ubiquitous. More people died from drug associated deaths than automotive accidents.  It is getting worse.


Dr Grant concluded with a set of Facts.  The rate of addiction from new exposure is minimal.   We know that the risks for addiction are very similar for chronic pain.  Rate of addiction is relatively constant at 2 %.  Supply and demand are irrelevant. And, chronic pain is worse as you age.


An enthusiastic question and discussion period followed.  What is the plan to deal with misuse of opiods?  No solution yet.  Any approach would have unintended consequences – patients would have more pain; addicts increase violent crime; addicts find alternatives such as morphine (heroine) leading to increase in infectious disease; need more rooms in our jails; more “DETOX” rooms in hospitals; left over drugs after a death become target for addicts; more false claims of  pain to gain pain meds from doctors.  This is a complex issue Awareness – Balance – Treatment with a broader view.  Is addiction inevitable? NO!  Patient Dependency is not Addiction.  Pain and tolerance to pain is varied in every individual. Pain is subject to experience and everyone is different..  Sad Truth.  There are individuals who are less tolerant to pain.  President Bob thanked Dr Grant for a most interesting talk and presented him with a Club 100th Anniversary 4 Way Test Mug.

O’ Canada:       Terry Pond lead the meeting in singing O’ Canada.

Adjournment:  The meeting adjourned at 8:32 hrs.

Member Comment provided after the club meeting worthy of mention.  We had a good meeting this morning at "The Westin Hotel" where we previously met for many years. All went well and the food was excellent. His Worship Mayor Mike Savage gave an inspirational talk and enjoyed his visit with us.