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Spring Cleaning??  Bring your unwanted clothing and household linens to the Bayers Lake Value Village  on February 21 2015 from 9 AM to 4 PM to help the Rotary Club of Halifax raise funds for the proposed HRM Hospice. More information about the Hospice Project and the Rotary Club community activities on behalf of the Hospice will be available at Value Village. For clothing drive details, contact​
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March 03rd at the Holiday Inn, Dartmouth
Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015, promises to be a great day in the life of HRM Rotary Clubs! That is the day of our Mini Conference, all of you are all invited to attend.
Rotarians from around Metro will gather at the Holiday Inn Harbourside (Dartmouth) to celebrate how great it is to be a Rotarian, and to share in information exchange and visioning for our future in the community, and abroad. This will also be a great warm up for the District Conference, April 30 - May 3.
Registration can be done in advance online for the first time this year. Please visit our ADVANCE REGISTRATION page to purchase your meal ahead of time. ( *Please note: You can also do this at www.rotary )
Price for all meals is $18, tax and gratuity included. Registering, and paying ahead of time, will be of great support to the event planners, and we encourage you to do this. The actual menu selection for your meal can be done on site when you arrive at the event that evening. Rotarians will be there at the Welcome Desk to assist you with this, beginning at 5:15 PM.
The Mini Conference Program begins at 6 PM, and will end at 9 PM that evening. Among other things, you will hear about the Future of Youth Exchange, The Upcoming District Conference, Update on Hospice Halifax.
For parking, please enter the hotel entrance and park on the MacDonald Bridge side of the building. Parking is free!
You won't want to miss this opportunity to meet, greet and celebrate your fellow HRM Rotarians. See you there!
Barbara Fickes, RC Halifax Harbourside
On behalf of the Mini Conference Organizing Committee
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The next meeting of the Rotary Club of Halifax will be at 7:30 am, Thursday March 20,  at the Westin Hotel.  The speaker will be Terri Fraser from the Halifax Public Libraries speaking on the new downtown library.
Report on the meeting of March 13th 2014, submitted by Jim Axell
Venue:                   The Westin Nova Scotian Hotel
Chair:                    President Bob Power
Desk:                     Jong Kim
Members:              13
Visitors:                1, the speaker
Meeting was convened by the chair at 07.30. He reminded members that this year’s theme is
                                                     “Engage Rotary- Change Lives”
Grace:                  Vince Ihasz
Health of the Club:  No reports of poor health
Bill VanGorder; reminded members to sell cases of wine. He also told embers that the Facebook page had been updated and those that use Facebook should ‘Like’ our page.
Jim Axell; Outlined details of the free Shredding project the Club’s ABC’s of Fraud group will be operating with Dignity on Saturday 15th March at Mattatall Funeral Home,217 Portland Street, Dartmouth (see attached photograph ) and on Saturday 22nd March at Cruikshank Funeral Home, 2666 Windsor Street, Halifax,from 9 a.m. to noon on both occasions.  Volunteers are needed and should arrive before 9 to assist in the set up. This is a good “Hands On” project and the opportunity for Rotary fellowship.
Bob Power; reminded Board members of the Board meeting at Paul Frank’s office Thursday evening 13th at 5 p.m.
Marlon Hagerty;circulated the latest Roster for corrections prior to its reissue.
Happy Moments: Terry Pond and Bob Power expressed a happy moment this week.
Weekly Draw: President Bob held the winning draw ticket this week but could only find the Jack of Diamonds in the pack of cards. Next week the Queen will be worth $410. 
Oscar Wong introduced the guest speaker who is his nephew, Yau-Sun Tong. Yau-Sun learnt English after coming to Canada and later became very interested in Photography.
Yau-Sun Tong will be conducting tours of China, Tibet and Central Asia this year. On previous tours he has taken many photographs and at our meeting he selected a series of slides from his trip on the Tea-horse Trail from China into Tibet. He noted that tea was grown in China and taken via the Tea-horse Trail to various parts of China, Tibet and India. These trips over mountains could exceed a month in time. The trail was actively used until the middle of the last century.
The slides shown by Yau-Sun were exceptional and gave a great picture of places along the Tea-horse Trail.
Yau-Sun answered questions and was then thanked by President Bob and presented with a Rotary mug.
Next Week:
The speaker next week will be Terri Fraser from the Halifax Public Libraries speaking on the new downtown library.
Adjournment:  Jim Axell led the singing of O Canada to close the meeting.
Please tell you friends about this event next Saturday:
The Rotary Club of Halifax ABCs of Fraud Program
is inviting everyone to a 
Protect Yourself From Fraud Shred-It Event
Secure Shredding of your personal information.
Have your personal papers shredded to Protect yourself from Fraud
9:00 AM to Noon
Saturday March 22
in the parking lot at Cruikshank Funeral Home, 2666 Windsor St. Halifax
No charge, but donations to Rotary accepted with thanks.
Thanks To Shred-It Inc. and Dignity Memorial for sponsoring this project.

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Posted by Terry Pond on Nov 13, 2013



Mayor Mike Savage Speaks to the Rotary Club of Halifax this on 14 November 2013

Theme for Rotary year - “Engage Rotary Change Lives”

Report on the meeting of 14 November 2013 Submitted by "Cub Reporter" Terry Pond:          

The next meeting of the Rotary Club of Halifax will be Thursday, November 21 at 7:30 am at RA Park

 The speaker will be Dr. D.A. Grant, Registrar & CEO College of Physicians of Nova Scotia

Venue: Royal Artillery Park, 1575 Queen Street, Halifax, NS

Chair: President Bob Power

Sergeant-At-Arms: Roy Hayward

Desk: Heather MacDonald and Jong Kim

Attendance: 20 members and guests were present

Grace: Bridge Pachai

Health of the Club: Rotarian Harry Churchill Update.  Harry left Hospital for home where he will continue on antibiotics for several more weeks. Roy Martin reported Jude; his grandson was coming along well. Our Thoughts go out to Harry and Barbara & Roy and Eula.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests – There were four visitors to the club meeting – Mayor Mike Savage; Dal Rotoractor Elora Wilkinson; Prospective new member, Tony Trimper; and Westin Hotel Rep/ Harbourside Club Rotarian Glen Bowie.

Club Announcements:  

Roy Martin reported that joint PHF and Christmas Dinner on 28 November is set at a price of $46/person.  He needs payment in advance and next week is the final time to pay.  He must confirm the meals required.  As always, if there is a special dietary requirement, please let Roy know when you pay him.  The venue will be held at Ashburn Golf Club of Joseph Howe Dr. In Halifax        

Terry Pond announced that last count of Vacation Draw 2013 ticket sales, there was 110 tickets sold.  He explained that the first 100 tickets sold pay for the prizes that we will give away on Thursday 5 December.  The question of venue location was raised but it is still pending answer from RA Park manager. 

He stated three things:

Ø  If you have sold tickets, TURN THEM IN;

Ø  if you have unsold tickets, SELL THEM, THEN TURN THEM IN; and

Ø  if you have not picked up tickets to sell yet, PICK THEM UP & SELL THEM, THEN TURN ...

Jim Axell had several items to report:

(1) there will be a quick PHF Committee meeting after Club Meeting.

(2) Salvation Army Angel Tree Cards – the rules this year for donations to the children are:

Ø  new items, unopened (no guns);

Ø  Videos (non violent);

Ø  Hats, Mitts, PJ are OK

Ø  Last day to bring in to club is 5 December.

Ø  Money donations are acceptable. Put in an envelope.

(3) Salvation Army Kettle Campaign – it is time to volunteer for this year’s campaign.  He needs 10 volunteers. A Tuesday (TBC) has been selected and Rotoract members have volunteered to help.

(4) November is Foundation Month – Envelopes and forms are available for individual donations from Jim. Rotary Club of Halifax Donation Cans are due back on 21 November due to PHF Dinner on 28 Nov.


Happy Moments: Oscar Wong was happy two times, Bob Power, Terry Pond, Elora Wilkinson and Roy Martin.  Note:  (1) It was mentioned that we have not heard how Francisco Lorenzo is after the Super Typhoon Haiyan’s (know in the Philippines as Yolanda). He is still working in the Philippines.  (2) It was reported that

Dragon’s Den provided Hope Blooms kids $40,000 with financial backing for their greenhouse. and

(3) A Thank You letter from Easter Seals was read to the meeting for our donation of $500 to rappelling office building in city’s core.


Weekly Draw:  $290. Jim Axell had winning ticket #746 but sadly drew Four of Diamonds. Next week $300. 


Guest Speaker Program.   Roy Hayward introduced our guest speaker, his Honour, Mayor Mike Savage. He mentioned that in a recent “City Matters Survey” Mayor Savage rated 8 out of 10.  His honour thanked Roy with a comment of “Thanks I glad to be here and not the mayor of Toronto. The meeting welcomed the speaker in the usual manner.



The Mayor’s talk started with an acknowledgement of our Club’s 100 years and stated he would focus his talk on “Service”.  He referenced his father’s trip the NIGER, Africa and how he was charged up with “making a change for good”. How he subsequently, working with the Dartmouth Rotary Club, helped found a hospital in Niger.  His concerns with “Education and Health Care were paramount”.  The Mayor went on the commend Club members for their service such as the Salvation Army Kettle Campaign, that we are doing a critical job in the community.  He mentioned that he saw the impact of helping community in the Hope Blooms receiving $40,000 from Dragon’s Den. 


He went on to talk about responsibility and the tremendous stress municipalities are under for roads and water system. Service clubs have eradicated diseases (Polio) and assist individuals in need. HRM needs to show people we can govern ourselves.  We need dialogue in democracy.  He suggested that all parties get together before issues are debated to gain each others stated position and have the night to change their position. We need to have public conversation “not be the best person on council”


He recognized Rotarian Dr. Robert Read who attended a recent HRM Council sesion on health. It is important to recognize hospital is for fixiXng a person and good health is the other issue.  We need strong community partners and do what we can do.  It is remarkable that this community is helping some of the poorest people alive in some of the poorest places in the world.  He stated that” these are the things we are suppose to do; open our arms, hold hands and do something positive”.  We don’t just have disasters found in other parts of the world like droughts and typhoons.  His father, John Savage stated “to those who much is given much is expected”.  People have lost trust in traditional institutions such as doctors, clergy and politicians but still you do what you can.


Questions:  Roy Hayward asked about taking responsibility.  The Prime Minister, local Alderman, suggested those who step up and say “I made a mistake”, then move forward. Roy Martin mentioned our club’s involvement in Africa – Piggery Project, Generator for Maternity Centre.  The Mayor noted that his father’s efforts in Niger were rewarded by the hospital being named ”The Margret and John Health Center” in Niger.

He continued with his visit to Africa, meeting a blind women who was the center of the Micro Loans Program for women.  Tad Meizner  said we need to ask “what do you need and help them identify needs to help in the best way”.  This discussions continued with - service to the community and partnership in the community to help find solutions; water system updates; bike paths.

O’ Canada:       Jong Kim lead the Meeting in singing O’ Canada.

Comment provided after the club meeting worthy of mention.  We had a good meeting this morning at The Westin Hotel where we previously met for many years. All went well and the food was excellent. His Worship Mayor Mike Savage gave an inspirational talk and enjoyed his visit with us.

Adjournment:  The meeting adjourned at 8:22 hrs.

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Posted by Terry Pond on Oct 20, 2013

Membership Minute October 2013
Help members Connect for Good

The publication formerly known as Rotary Basics is now called Connect for Good and contains information to help new and current members engage in Rotary.

Whether it’s identifying a need in the community and leading a hands-on a service project or hosting aRotary Youth Exchangestudent and learning about another culture, Connect for Good offers many opportunities to get involved in Rotary.

Connect for Goodalso encourages Rotary members to stay connected by updating their profiles, sharing their service projects onRotary Showcase, and using social media to reach out and start conversations.

Explore Connect for Good and start making your connections today!Available for purchaseat

Register for the Lifecycle of a Service Project webinar (Part 2)

Learn how to create successful, sustainable service projects by taking part in our new five-part webinar series. Each session highlights strategies, best practices, and Rotary resources to help clubs and districts plan, manage, promote, and carry out their service efforts.

During this session, you’ll:

  • Learn how to conduct a community needs assessment, and how to select a service project
  • Evaluate how the service project ties into your club or district goal
  • Understand the importance of building measurement, evaluation, and sustainability into your service project

Register for the Lifecycle of a Service Project (part 2) webinar on 19 November 2013 at10 am US Centralor6 pm US Central.

Membership and Extension Month

During the month of August, members participated in a variety of activities designed to attract and engage members. As of 31 August:

  • Nearly 6,000 members had shown their 1.2 million contacts that they are proud members of Rotary by sharing agraphicfrom Rotary’s Facebook page.
  • 483 members had supported the Membership MonthThunderclapand shared a common message with their social networks, reaching an astonishing 436,204 people.
  • RI President Ron Burton’svideo messagestressing the importance of membership had been viewed over 6,000 times.
  • Nearly 500 members had taken part in the Membership Challenge and set personal goals to sponsor a new member, bring a friend to a meeting, and more.
Thank you for making Rotary’s Membership and Extension Month a success.

How did you become a vibrant club?

Rotary is looking for stories from clubs that have successfully changed their structure, activities, or even club culture to feature in our Be a Vibrant Club publication. If you have best practices, strategies, or regionalized tips on how others can make their clubs more engaging, fun, and vibrant, please email us

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Theme for Rotary year - “Engage Rotary Change Lives” 
Report on meeting of October 10, 2013 

Reported by Harry Churchill

The next meeting of the Rotary Club of Halifax will be Thursday, October 17, at 7:30 am at R.A. Park.
The speaker will be Barbara Adams of PhysioCare at Home.


DG Gregg Coldwell Presents the "True Rotarian Award" Certificate to Rotarian Terry Pond

Club President Bob Power and Assistant DG Wendy Keen assisted.

Congratulations to Terry Pond who received the well deserved “True Rotarian Award” 

Venue: Royal Artillery Park, 1575 Queen Street, Halifax, NS
Chair: President Bob Power
Sargent-At-Arms: Roy Hayward
Desk: Herman Ssebazza and Jong Kim
Attendance: 16 members and 5 guests
Grace: Judy Guernsey
Health of the Club: President Bob was present

Club Announcements: Terry Pond spoke about notification he received from RA Park management about new catering package. It is effective in
September and it appears prices are increasing and menu may change. He will speak to manager to get more details and how it will affect us and report back next week.
Terry will collect Vacation Draw money for tickets sold since Cemal is not present.

Happy Moments: Douglas McMillan, Terry Pond, Roy Hayward, Judy Guernsey, Paul Frank, Bill VanGorder, Bob Power, and Bridge Pachai

Weekly Draw: Tad Mejzner drew 5 of spades. $260.00 next week

Guest Speaker: PP Heather MacDonald introduced our speaker. District Governor Greg Coldwell is a Annapolis Valley native involved in farming for over 30 years and a leader in many farming organizations. He has 2 sons and 5 grandchildren. He also serves on his community Council. Has many interests. His wife Claudia was in attendance.

DG Greg first asked “Why did you join Rotary”? The more you put in, the more you will get out. These are words from Rotary International President Ron Burton.  He asked Assistant DG Wendy Keen to read the wording on the “True Rotarian Award” which is to be presented to a member of our Club. 

Terry Pond was the Rotarian who received the well deserved Award.Terry’s wife and daughter came in just as Award was being presented and this was a surprise for Terry.

DG Greg spoke about how the average Rotarian changes lives while being a member. He had several examples of the work of Rotary and the positive affect it has on people around the world. You have to engage members in the work of your Club.

He wants you to remember “ Each and everyone of you has something to do for Rotary and Rotary needs you” and that the Rotary Club exists to advance the objects of Rotary. <!--[endif]-->

He mentioned that our District had the largest percentage increase in membership in our Zone. He encouraged members to support the Rotary Foundation and reviewed the Polio Plus program and we are very close to finishing the job. He told the story about, when he was 11, the Rotary Club of Wolfville giving him a short horned calf as a result of his work with 4H. He circulated a cow bank into which members could contribute to Polio Plus. He concluded with a video on the 2014 District Conference.

President Bob thanked the District Governor and presented he and his wife, Claudia, with our Rotary Centennial mugs.

Adjournment: Jong Kim led in the singing of “O Canada”.

Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Rotary Club of Halifax will be Thursday, October 17, at 7:30 am at R.A. Park.
The speaker will be Barbara Adams of PhysioCare at Home.-----

SPECIAL NOTE - Vacation Draw 2013

Tickets are now on sale for the Vacation Draw. If you do not have your tickets, contact Cemal for your package. Electronic information will follow later in the week for you to send by email to your prospects.

Bill VanGorder
Nordic Pole Walking Nova Scotia o/a MRC Associates Inc. 
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